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June 9, 2008

Authors and Acknowledgments

Few stories are ever the work of one author. The Masculine Mystique Blamed Right is ultimately a collaboration of many people. The vast majority of insights found on his blog come from women who bear the lion's share of suffering under the Masculine Mystique and who understand firsthand the evils that men have wrought.

To that end, I would like to thank the many feminists who have helped me work on The Masculine Mystique Blamed Right. You will find references to their contributions on the relevant articles. If this blog succeeds in its mission, it will be because of you.

I would like to thank my S.O., Snowdevil, who is the smartest, kindest, and strongest person I have ever met and likely will ever meet. She is the one who knocked the scales from my eyes, and for that I am truly grateful. I have marked entries that were inspired by her insights. She's one hell of a writer too, and I wish you could read her work, but I am afraid that feminism has taken her life in a direction that leaves little time for blogging. I will do my best to enable her to rant in absentia.

I also want to thank the cocky, self-assured antifeminist jerkwads who occasionally flame my blog. You give me laughs and ammo for future posts (why else would I allow Anonymous commenting?). I especially enjoy shitcanning book-length, rage-filled diatribes after reading only the first few sentences. I hope they don't work too hard on those things.

Finally, thank you, the reader, for your patience and words of support! I don't think any sane person wound continue writing for long if they felt like they were talking to an empty room. Thank you for proving that this blog is not an exercise in futility.

With sincere gratitude to you all,

Copyright June 2008 by F*ck M*sculinity


  1. Hi. Veganrampage from from IBTP. I would like to know where you got that image for your profile because it is a beaut, and I want one for myself.
    Secondly, I would like to send some mentally challenged males here from the IMDB, specifically from the comment section for the movie "Teeth."
    Comments range from "rape isn't traumatic", to "fifty percent of women who "cry" rape are lying" , and other remarks in this butt crack mentality of rigorous intellectual discourse.
    These boys and men are running around free, and I would like you to straighten their asses out. They won't listen to a mere woman, but since you have a penis AND a female partner they might listen to you.

  2. I don't know who originally created the profile image, but I think its a public image. Either way, I haven't been issued a cease-and-desist order yet.

    Most diehard rape apologists won't listen to anything that isn't a threat of physical violence against their person, or jail time. However, feel free to send them here anyway. At the very least, maybe I can take one or two of them off your hands for awhile.

  3. Sadly, this tends to happen when a large amount of men are together and/or when they have access to what they believe are large male-based communities. Now with anonymity the internet provides, it's becoming an increasingly common thing. For a while on FB, there was a group called "Occupy Vagina" which offend lots of women b/c it implies forced penetration (that is what occupy means, taking by force, hence, the occupy movement) and because of the large amounts of rape happening at all the occupy events across the nation which have been ignored overall. The group ended up being closed down by FB because there's was a ridiculous amount of victim-shaming, comments about how "rape is positive because it pacifies a woman" and many, many men went into detail on how they would rape (some detailed rapes they DID commit) a woman. It was disgusting. It's much larger problem than just the Teeth posts.


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